Socializing vs. Social Media

Being Social =/= Social Media

Spending time with close friends has been shown to help with dementia, blood pressure, your general health, and even your willpower. It shortens the grieving period after losses, makes you happier, and boosts your immune system. There’s a famous saying that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and that’s great, but you have to spend time with people.

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I want to talk a bit more about some meta-topics before we get to the experiments. Again, these are “best practices” that I’m trying to engage in.

Lately I’ve been working with something that I call “scaffolding”: shaping the environment so that doing the right thing is easier, if not automatic.

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Adjacent Possibilty

A lot of self-help approaches the idea of improving your life from a position of perfect knowledge. This is why “The Secret” and affirmations are weird to me: they require you to have a specific vision filled out in your mind before you can actualize that vision. I think that a more interesting, practical way to pursue life is to spend it learning rather than visualizing exactly where you want to be.

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